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  1. Uuf da! Hang in there, and Hippo Birdies in case I don’t have a chance to get in touch with you tomorrow. We have our entrance interview with the IVF clinic on tuesday so we’re not really looking forward to that. 🙁

    • Why not? Isn’t that one step closer to getting what you want? Or is it going to be one of those intense poking-and-prodding experiences that might even be a little painful?

      • Well mostly because we’re still hoping that we won’t need it! And poor Vidar has to leave a “sample”. I wish that more clinics in Norway used IVM instead of IVF, which is a much better option for women with PCOS. We plan on asking them about that when we’re there, because for now there are only 3 clinics in the country that offer IVM and the one we have an appointment with doesn’t do it.

        • Having never had to go there, what’s the difference between the two? And I can see Vidar having an issue with leaving “samples”. We are, after all, talking about the guy whose bachelor party involved going to the library…

          • With IVF, the ovaries are purposely overstimulated so that a maximum number of eggs can be removed. But with PCOS one already produces too many eggs, that never mature, and the risk of hyperstimulation syndrome is high. With IVM, immature eggs are collected (almost wrote “colleggted”) then matured in vitro, fertilized, then implanted. IVM has a success rate even better than unassisted conceptions, and is much less risky for women with PCOS. Here is a good story from the Guardian.

  2. Happy Birthday Dawn!

    I am keeping both of you in my thoughts. I’m glad you’re staying upbeat and looking at the positive side of the situation. Won’t be too much longer. 🙂

  3. I am very confident that both you and Daniel are right where you need to be and right where both of you will stay. It’s beyond cool that we might have babies within 48 hours of eachother if your section and my induction on the 7th go as planned.

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