April 10: A fruit I dislike

Number 10I really had to think about this one, too.  I generally like most fruits, though some more than others.  At first, I was going to confess my not-greatest-love for strawberries, but I realized there was one fruit that I dislike even more.  (My strawberry thing is purely related to being spoiled: big strawberries have almost no taste, and I love the little wild ones the most.)


There was a time when I vaguely remember liking grapefruit, but that day is long gone.  I should not have to cover a fruit in extra sugar and flavoring to make it palatable.  The weird off-taste, especially of red grapefruits, has to actively be overcome, and I just can’t get behind it.



  1. With you on the strawberry thing. I love strawberries, but store berries are just NOT what the ones you grow yourself are. I accidentally bought garden strawberries that take two years to fruit last year, so I’m hoping this year I can have some small, sweet fantastic berries.

    1. All strawberries fruit in biannual cycles. The trick is to get two batches that fruit in alternating years so that you always have strawberries. ^__^

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