19 comments on “As promised – PICTURES!!!

  1. Yay photies at last! What a little heartbreaker. So pretty he is!

    I think you need to stay away from Celtic work for a while – you’ve been internalizing the knots, nyuk nyuk. That looks horrible and I’m so happy that things came out so well in the end.

  2. Despite the infection and stuff, I’m glad you’re doing okay as well as Daniel. Sorry I’ve not commented on the other entries >.<
    Miss you and hope to get a chance to see you guys soon *hug that avoids any painful spots*

  3. awwwwwwwwww

    he’s adorable!
    the hat picture made me give a strange high-pitched ‘AWWW’ out loud.. I think my roommate things I’m weird.

    Hope the pain your going through goes away soon! At least the scary part is over ::hug::

  4. He is Cho Kyute!!! Absolutely adorable!
    And I’m am so thankful that everything is going well. You’ll heal up right smartly and be home with the rest of your family in no time.


  5. OMG! OMG! OMG! He is soooooo adorable. I can just see him wrapped in a giant leaf like an itty bitty elf or fairy baby should be. Especially that one of him in his itty bitty hat! So amazing he is. I can not wait to see him and hold him and love him and sing to him and play with him and ….

  6. I laughed hard for a few seconds. Lily’s shirt is so…”her”.

    Baby “D” looks very alert and that is a good thing. He kinda reminds me of a wearwolf featus sculpture that I saw once.

  7. Congrats

    You realize that you will have to change the amount of kids you have from a half number to a whole number.
    I am glad that all is well and you have a beautiful new member of your family.

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