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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAWN!!!! the hospital people were always really cool with me too…and the food network did help a lot…seriously i think i watched it all day (i dont watch TV at home so it was a luxury to me 😉 )

    • The Food Network is so awesome – non-offensive noise when I need the distraction, and awesome shows and food to make when I finally get out of here.

      • i seriously made up a few recipes while i was in the hospital…including a really awesome meatball recipe…they had a whole week about meat balls while i was in the hospital

    • Our official due date was mid-December. If the amnio goes well – and there’s no reason it shouldn’t – he’ll be born by c-section next Monday, the Fifth of November.

  2. I’m curious what the doctor said about the amnio. That was one of the things I was very nervous about with Rhett but with the meds I was taking in the beginning, I needed to know everything was okay (or time to prepare if it wasn’t). If we decide to go ahead and try again, I’ll be looking at another one so anything you could tell me to make it less scary would be great. If you feel like it, anyway. 🙂

    I’m glad you had a Happy Birthday!

    • Basically, what was explained to me is that the needle they use is roughly the width of a human hair. They can apply lidocaine or shoot the site with novacaine, but it’s pretty pointless since the poke itself doesn’t affect you any more than an insulin injection – and that’s done with a very, very thin needle, relatively painless. (I would know, I get shot all the time these days.) The hardest part physically is that besides the little pin-prick, the uterus generally has one really strong contraction, like a really intense Braxton-Hicks. The guide the site of the needle with live ultrasound, the needle goes in, they draw some fluid into the syringe, and that’s that. They don’t even have to cork it. 😉

      The needle is, of course, long, but it’s not anywhere near as scary as the pregnancy books make it sound.

      Because the gauge of the needle is so small, there is little to no chance of hurting the baby or rupturing the cord or anything like that. In fact, in rare cases where they want to give the baby an injection in utero, they use the same device.

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