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  1. For my part, I’ll say I feel bad that I avoided you all, but at the same tiem I felt like if I were there, I’d be distracting from the issue at hand. I’ve been told I have the ability to help people help themselves, whatever that means, but at the same time… I’ve always felt I know when I’m needed and when I’m not. Much as it may suck, I felt I wasn’t needed the last few months. I felt, in fact, that my being around would’ve been a very bad thing.

    There are certain things people need to come to in their own time. Me, I’m impatient, so I tend to rush people towards the end that I see clearly, and that doesn’t always work. Me, I’d’ve gotten impatient and rushed you towards all of this back in November. Too soon. Far too soon. So I stayed off and let it go on its own terms. Now, if you want me around, ask. And I’ll do my best. Otherwise, I’d still be inclined to rush you… and I still don’t think you need that, just now.

  2. *gives you a big hug*

    I know that what I’m going through now is nowhere near as intense as what you’ve already gone through, but I think I can understand a glimmer of the sadness and fear and worry and doubt…

    I’m just scared I’ll lose her before they take her out. 2 more scary weeks, and then I’m done.

    Good for you with the sewing, though. I find that when I’m creating something, it seems to take on a life of its own, and I can put my emotions into that creation. Sew a blanket, release some of that emotional pressure. There have been things I’ve made that I had to give away or put away, because just looking at it hurt – and there are other things that I use every day to remind me of what I learned while making it.

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