I spent a couple of hours yesterday in the hospital. Yes, everything is fine, but Daniel decided to scare the living shit out of me yesterday morning by not moving, not even during coffee or even ice cream. We’re talking over a period of over four hours here.


So, better safe than sorry, I called the doc on call, went into the ER to get sent up to L&D, found him in short order, and then listened while he decided to use the monitor for target practice. We took it off and waited for the ultrasound guy (about an hour-ish), and then we verified that there were no obvious twists or knots or anything like that.

Talk about scared out of my mind… that was it.

I was really grateful to see him and look at him, and boy-howdy but he’s going to be handsome.

I hit the store on the way home and got the cayenne pills. For those who need to know, cayenne raises the blood pressure (woo!), but it can cause some serious issues with heartburn. My hope is that eating it in the middle of a meal and going slow on the TUMS will help keep it tolerable. I also need to look into going to the Y on a regular basis for more exercise, but that’s just going to depend on transportation and money.

I really, really hope my midwife calls me back today… that would make me happy.

Late last night, I was sitting outside chatting with Crystal, and I was reminded that it was the onset of the Perseid meteor shower! Joseph and I were out there laying on a blanket until midnight, and it was awesome. (That is, until Joseph started fussing and crying that we had to go inside, which lasted all the way until about 30 seconds after he laid down…)

It was pretty awesome.


  1. I can’t imagine how scared you must must have been! 🙁 I’m so glad everything is okay! I hope the cayenne helps.

    I agree, you need a monitor! If the movers didn’t have mine, I’d send it to you. :

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