6 comments on “Hmmm… the east-west child

  1. I had to really think about this, but there’s a hangup I have.

    On the sofa bed, which i sleep on at night out here, I tend to sleep south and west.

    But on the actual bed, which i sleep on whenever everyone is gone, head points due north and i must have my eyes facing east. So…do with that what you will.
    Sleep has never been my strong point, though.
    I will say, head to the north eyes facing east seems to be the quickest way i get to sleep though.
    I never sleep well out here on the sofa bed. But um, that could also be that it’s a sofa bed.

    Anyway, you got me thinking, and apparently rambling.
    HI! :p
    I think i’ll point my head somewhere else now.

  2. That is a somewhat clumsy sentence. I would’ve said: if you want to sleep comfortably, what cardinal point does your head need to aim? But that’s me.

    Right now my bed faces east to west. Which is opposite of the way it faced when I was at the old place. And out at the compound it faced east to west again. I have no idea what direction I faced in California. I could never determine which direction was north, south, east or west. I always always and forever lost. I don’t have the problem anywhere else.

  3. Jacob and I both sleep better now that the bed head is to the north. Of course, it might also be because we co-sleep now that he’s outgrown the bassinet. Soooo warm and cozy!

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