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  1. my grandson Phoenix is 3-1/2 and autistic. high functioning, loving, and bright but has seizures that seem to be difficult to control. I have been a medical transcriptionist for 20 years and I agree with you about autism and seizures being separate issues for treatment. I also have very strong convictions that autistic kids have some kind of extra ability to sense things that typicals do not, I do not know where you are, but I have heard a lot of good things about Dr. Stephen Luber, pediatrician who specializes in autism. he is located in Rockwood Clinic, Spokane washington and is also affiliated with Northwest Autism Center in Spokane. I live in Las Vegas now but I hope to be able to send my daughter and Phoenix up there for a consultation with him. I will keep you and Daniel in my thoughts.

    • I really appreciate that, Cynthia. I will share with you some of the recent things that seem to be working really, really well. In addition to the Keppra, which we’ve been increasing steadily, we also give him a folic acid supplement twice a day, two Min-Tran from Standard Process twice a day, and a half a Multizyme twice a day, which is a digestive enzyme. The Multizyme seems to help with sugar-handling very much because even with a strict diet, things still slip through. For a while, we were using a super papaya enzyme, but I’m thinking he reached his required point for that and no longer needs it. Even with the Keppra increase, he was still having some breakthrough seizures of the “twitchy” variety, but the Multizymes knocked that out. Now, he only has a few minor ones where he has a small myoclonic and then gets stuck in “loop” for a few minutes, and then he’s fine.

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