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  1. Hi. it’s Jeff.

    People who are truly daft anger me little. If it can’t be remedied, you can only shrug your shoulders and pity the poor fools.

    Here’s what pisses me off: people who are smart enough to know better and should know better, and choose out of sheer bloodymindedness to remain ignorant. People who to paraphrase Feynman do not know what is meant by rigor, do not care to know, go to great effort to avoid knowing, and so think “thousands of years” of folk knowledge and superstition trumps reason and evidence and rigorous analysis.

    But though these people make choices that I wouldn’t make, those choices are not mine to make. Perhaps my anger is wasted. Perhaps I should shrug my shoulders and pity them too.

    Imma let Tim Minchin do the talking now; he’s better at this than I am.

    • … seriously?

      Somehow, some way, you’ve GOT to realize that this looks like a thinly-veiled jab, right? Given your standing statement about intelligence versus spirituality (i.e. that “smart” people don’t believe in God) and the known fact of my spiritual stance, I’m not sure if I should take offense or not.

      • It’s a jab all right but not at you, personally. Honestly, I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t already believe you to be intelligent and sincere in your efforts. You don’t see me giving Jenny McCarthy a hard time on her blog. She’s a worthless cunt, a trollop of precisely no account who doesn’t even warrant the effort it’d take to spit on her.

        It’s a jab at the paradigm you espouse. I show you my unrelenting honesty knowing you’d return the favor: if I copped your ‘tude, I’d get personally offended every time you told me science was bullshit, particularly medical science, and that it’s all evil men in white coats cashing their big checks from Pfizer, laughing maniacally, and contriving how next to poison the public. But I don’t. My beliefs stand or fall on their own terms, irrespective of emotional investment from me. So I don’t get emotionally invested.

        My emotional investment in you, because I love you, provokes in me great anger when you go spouting off ill-considered pre-civilized nonsense though I know you have brains enough to know better. Honestly, watching you pop off to become a Nonsense Dispenser, and tell sick and dying people that they can be cured with herbs and reiki and addressing their motherhood issues or whatever, is a bit like watching You Know Who say sod it all, forget acting and directing and doing USO shows for the troops and teaching little kids to express themselves through film and theater, I could better contribute to the world by getting on a morning show and peddling fad diets, trendy shoes and questionable cosmetic surgical procedures. Because I expect better from you. And in your case, lives may be on the line.

        Good job choosing Dallas, though. Plenty of gullible fools about who won’t mind trading their excess income for whatever is sold them if they can be convinced it banishes negative energy or cleanses vaguely specified “toxins”. Just ask You Know Who.

        • Fuck off, Jeff. You can be honest, but you can’t think outside the box – and you refuse to accept that anyone else can, either. What has allopathy done for you? What has ANY science done for you? Oh, wait – you don’t give anything a CHANCE to work because, of course, you already know it’s going to fail.

          This is really it. I’m really not having this conversation with you again, period, ever. Your utter disrespect for what I “espouse” – regardless of evidence or result – ultimately equals a disrespect for me, and I don’t have room for that in my life.

          Maybe you don’t MEAN to come off as an asshole of monumental proportions. I accept that. I don’t have to take it, though. Fix it, or don’t talk to me.

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