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  1. Ew. Yeah been there done that. When you can afford it you may want to look into a secondary wood burning heater. (Yeah I know you got the fire place but this is specifically designed for heating) They come in handy living out in the middle of bfe. Yeah I know you don’t really have wood out there either, but hey you never know when you can buy it by the truck load cause someone had to clear trees and had no place to put them.

    (working on my article while doing laundry and grumping at the guys to clean their rooms) What? We’re going to have company and I don’t want the first thing she smells as she comes in to be a mix between shame and gym class…..Should have the article sent off sometime tonight.

  2. To be honest, I’m just starting to play around with Twitter. Just for social reasons, cuz I’ve yet to even attempt to blog where it makes money, though I’d love to start, to be honest…
    Anyway, Twitter…I dunno. It’s fun, because it’s little brain bites, just strange or profound thoughts in small digestable pieces. Sometimes funny, sometimes useful… I do think it’s a good thing, even while i’m still beginning on it. And it certainly seems like a place to get new readers. Followers come to even those of us just being silly.

    Also, I really hope financially things straighten up, and there’s no more super cold.
    Been a while.
    Sad to see your movie review go, it was fun to read, at least for me. 🙂

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