One comment on “Manifest Powers, ACTIVATE!

  1. Hi Dawn!

    I am deeply grateful to have you as my Reiki Master/Teacher. I had looked around, but nothing spoke to me. Have a couple Reiki books, but they bored me and it just didn’t ‘feel’ right. When I received the email from Steve/Silver Pyramid, I KNEW. Looked up your name, saw your picture and received confirmation again. 🙂

    During the attunement Thursday, I felt this incredible energy build to a crescendo. When our hands connected, I couldn’t hold my emotions any longer.

    Your Maternal, Healing, and Loving Energy when you hugged me moved me deeply. I cannot think of any accurate words to describe it really, again, I am deeply grateful and will be attending the second class.

    Your book is wonderfully funny, taking my time with it, taking it in and BREATHING. 🙂

    I’ll call you next week, still formulating questions. I’m so incredibly thirsty!!!

    Very happy to read of the new blessings in your life! How wonderful!!!! 🙂



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