Daniel was a miracle kid, snatched from the jaws of death during his birth. For a couple of years, he seemed completely normal, and then at two years old, he developed severe epilepsy and severe autism, all at once. He’s now coming up on eight years old and is still enormously developmentally delayed with daily seizures (Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, or LGS).

Funny thing, though, he’s a gloriously creative kid. He may not be able to potty on his own, but he has a definite flair for the artistic, filling up page after page with sometimes meticulous abstract coloring. What’s the difference between kid scribbles and the Mighty Little Dude? He’s very particular about which colors he uses for each picture, rejecting offers or demanding different ones. His pictures aren’t done until they’re done – and he will definitely let you know when it’s ready!

Being the Mighty Little Dude requires a lot of maintenance and a lot of therapies. Every bit of income generated with the sale of his cards and artwork goes directly into his “Make Daniel’s Life Better” fund. Protective gear like helmets and enclosed sleeping spaces are not cheap.

Check back often and subscribe for updates to the store. He’s one prolific guy, so there will be plenty to enjoy.

Yes, this all goes through his Zazzle Store.