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Yeah, still in the hospital. I’m really hoping they don’t try to send me home. Even though everything looks fine right now, the stress and worry of “What If” is making me crazy, and I figure just about the time I get home, something will happen, and I’ll end up stuck there waiting twenty minutes to an hour for an ambulance, or Joe will have to rush home and get me (still an hour to get to the hospital), etc…

The ultrasound this morning has my amniotic fluid at 14.4 cm – which is awesome. My weight is still pretty low – 114.9 lbs – but that’s up .4 pounds since yesterday. The question still stands on what happened to the other seven pounds I had. I’d personally like to know what’s causing all of this. Is it the stress? Am I sick? Is it the diabetes? What’s the deal?

The short version is, they’re really not going to bother trying to find out. I’m guessing that actually going through the tests (even a blood test or something?) would be either too expensive or just not practical. That’s a guess. If I were the one in charge, I’d think we’d want to learn as much as we could about situations like this, but obviously I’m NOT in charge – although I did finally win the battle with the nutrition department.

For breakfast, I had a cheeseburger and a tossed salad. Everything on their actual “breakfast” list was toxic to me.

And grapes. They brought me grapes. 🙂

I finally got a shower last night, and it was awesome.

I told Dr. Randall this morning in clear and concise terms that I am very nervous and anxious about the idea of being sent home. I told her that I’d much rather stay until the baby was born – however long that is – because we have a laundry list of things that we KNOW are wrong and an even longer list of things that MIGHT go wrong. I certainly hope she takes that to heart, and I tend to think that with Dr. Eskam and Phyllis standing with her, they’ll make that decision well.

And now, I am calling the IT department to see if I can get them to let me into…


  1. Meh, I hate how the medical system works in this country a lot of the time. Is it the doctors not wanting to keep you there or the insurance? Either way, I hope you’re able to make them see sense. *hugs*

    1. It’s definitely concerns over the insurance, but I think the Good Doctors have scared them into submission. I can be a pretty intimidating little chick.

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