Note to Self:

1) Remind Joe to bring me the books that have arrived thus far…

2) Make a more comprehensive list of knitting needles I don’t have.

3) Stop scaring the nursery staff with consistent contractions – they WILL lynch you if they have to.

4) Work on NaNo, you lazy bum.

5) Ask Joe to bring you the camera cable so that you can post some FOs.

6) Maybe someone can bring a mug from home so that I can keep my pens and files and scissors in something that won’t get knocked over all the time.

7) Come up with something totally amazing and cool and awesome to make/bring/get for the incredible staff here. Has to be numerous, has to last several days, shouldn’t be customized too much, needs to be relevant and/or delicious.

8) Don’t forget to write the Thanksgiving menu.

9) Put a shout out to all our folks in the area to finalize Thanksgiving plans. Are you going to be off that day? Can we expect to see you? How many do you be? What dish would you like to bring?


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