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  1. Just don’t take any chances, and don’t rule anything out either. It may turn out that a c-section is best, in the end, you never know. But your nurse-midwife sounds awesome.

    • I haven’t ruled anything out, but I’m not going to schedule a c-section for no good reason – and there are some doctors at that practice that make a habit of “elective” c-sections. I’ve have five vaginal births, two major complications, and one fetal demise – none of which are auto-nominators for getting a smiley face on my tummy.

      That having been said, if things go weird or side-ways, or if we have to induce because he just won’t come out (like Joseph wouldn’t), or anything like that, we’ll talk about the options… but on the whole, we’re keeping it as natural as possible, especially since I figure that, given my track record, once I go into actual labor, it’ll take all of about five minutes to get the little guy out.

      Practice makes perfect, as they say… 🙂

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