5 comments on “On the plus side, I got to be human for a little while…

  1. The feeling of being unappreciated is a very strong one and not something easy to overlook. It’s a hard, nasty circle that “we the givers” get into, we go out of our way to help someone we care about. “They the takers” get use to receiving and/or having things done for them and it makes their life easier…but the problem comes when the expectation of “the takers” that it will always be taken care of and “they” don’t have to really do anything.

  2. Hey, pretty lady. Nothing really to add to the first two comments, they pretty much say what I’m thinking, but just wanted to say that I think of you often, I’m sorry you’re going through such a rough patch, and I think it’s perfectly right to feel crappy about this.

  3. You’ve helped me through some rough patches before dawn. I know you probably just got it all out with this lj post, but if you need someone to talk to you can always give me a call. I owe you a shoulder to lean on and an open ear or two.

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