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  1. *hugs his big sis* I couldn’t have been anywhere else in the world at that time. I think Mom and I needed to be there, considering how fast things progressed from the time we walked into the room to his birth.

    I’ve toyed with the word “birth”. Thinking to myself, “doesn’t that have to do with the beginning of life? Is this the wrong word?” But thinking on it, there is no other word for what happened. His body may have lay still, but Toby was very much alive and in the room. That much I know. I shall forever consider August 24th as his birthday. But that’s me.

  2. As the saying goes…
    People do not always come into our lives for a lifetime, they may be with us for many years, a few months, a couple of days, or even mere hours, but the point is that they come into our lives for a reason and to serve a purpose. That purpose may be to teach us a vaulable lesson, to befriend us and make us smile, to help us through a crisis, the list goes on. But whatever the purpose, that person does not simply enter and leave our lives for nothing, we know that when they are gone, we have learned something from them that we will hold forever.

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