2 comments on “Review: Torchwood: Children of Earth

  1. I just started watching Torchwood: series 1 and had wondered how Children of Earth related to the series. I’ll wait to watch it until after I’ve watched series 2. Interesting review, the commercials for the miniseries made me wonder is the cybermen were involved. And I’m not surprised that a number of plot points seemed contrived and such. That sadly is a problem with most sci-fi and horror stories.

  2. I actually really enjoyed Children of Earth (now that I’ve finally watched it, I could read this post!), and almost stayed up until 3am last night to finish watching it myself. It’s only the second time an episode of a tv show has left me sobbing for ten minutes, but I’m going to take the easy way out and blame that on hormones. =)

    (The other episode? Doctor Who, ‘Doomsday.’ Makes me bawl every freakin’ time I watch it.)

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