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  1. I sent you a message, but I don’t know if it got through, so here: http://www.naet.com/subscribers/what.html

    And here (find a doctor with at least experience in Advanced II A): http://www.naet.com/subscribers/doctorResults.asp?FromQS=1&db=default&uid=default&City=&State=TX&Zip=&Last=&Country=&Status=on&sb=4&view_records=Search

    It can be covered by chiropractic if you’ve met your dues (insurance).
    Hope this helps!

    • I hardly ever use my insurance – and at this point, “not at all” is more accurate – but that’s not a biggie. Thanks for the information on it. I think I’d see NAET mentioned once or twice before, but I hadn’t had time to look into it too much. I’m definitely interested in learning about alternative methods, and I’ll probably sign up to learn this modality after I’m done with my ND cert. 😉

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