Seriously, it’s all in the timing.

So, I’m in the hospital right now. It’s nothing seriously major yet – just a 24-observation – but this is shaping up to be a little ridiculous. Here’s the story:

We’re at 31 weeks with Daniel. Earlier this past week (Tuesday the 9th), I had an ultrasound, it looked like that nuchal cluster that was forming was starting to resolve. I didn’t really take it to heart too much – just couldn’t feel relief about it – but maybe I’m just paranoid and it’s really a good sign.

Turns out, no, not really. I started getting some weird readings in our nightly monitoring, namely that Daniel’s heart rate would go down to “sleeping range” (between 120 and 105 bpm), but then he’d roll or move and it would drop further – 94, 92, 90, 87, etc. – and within about 20 seconds, give or take, he’d jerk himself awake, his heart rate would jump to 160, and he’d slowly go back down to the 120-105 range.

He was kind enough to do this while I was in the office Friday morning for my standard NST monitoring, so Dr. Eskam decided that we needed an ultrasound. I had to go over to Labor and Delivery in the hospital for this since they only had one tech available (the other two are in Vegas at a “convention” 😉 ).

That nuchal cluster now makes the Dallas Mix-Master look like a two-road intersection with 15-second stop light.

(For those not in the know, what we’re looking at is a process called torsion, wherein the baby moves in the same direction all the time and the umbilical cord gets twisted up back onto itself repeatedly. You know those phones with cords that can never seem to stay untangled? THAT’S what it looks like – if your neurotic aunt was on the phone with a friend and pacing ceaselessly for about six hours, going around in circles. It’s a big mess – and the same type of entanglement that killed Toby two years ago.)

Dr. Eskam decided that now would be a really good time to give me a couple of steroid shots so that Daniel’s lungs would develop a little faster. We’re all expecting a very early delivery at this point, I think, and the only thing that’s really in question is whether we’re getting induced or having an emergency c-section. I’m just really kinda hoping that we make it at least to November, but there are no guarantees at this point. Seriously.

I am really, really glad that I was in the hospital tonight, though. Those steroid shots actually mess with the blood sugar really bad, and two hours after my dinner, my blood sugar reading was over 300. Yes, that’s very bad. The good news was that I just showed the reading to Phyllis, she got me an insulin shot, and now things are just fine.

Now, I’m about to go to sleep. I’ve finished the first pair of fingerless gloves, I’m on Ravelry.Com finally (Lilith70 – shock of shocks), and I thought it would be a good time to update everyone. I’m not even making this friends-only.

Oh, and I can’t get into any of the AmericanMcGee.Com sites from here, so to all my e-kids – I swear I’ll be there as soon as I can. Send a PM to Mage if you need anything.


  1. i gotta tell you…the steroids are probably the strongest reason why the girls got to come home straight from the hospital (born at 34 weeks) they really seemed to help with their lung development…

  2. Lilith dear I really hope everything turns out okay for little Daniel, you, and Mage. bless your family <3
    may your child be healthy and beautiful and wonderful.. Daniel will be in my wishes.

    the forums will miss you greatly until you return.

    Jackie (kqbn)

  3. hey

    I wish you the best luck in the world and I hope everything goes okay. I know it’s not much, but I really do love you like a mother. You’re always there for us all and I wish I could be there for you.

    loads of hugs

    Gabriella (a.k.a AoD)

  4. hey knave here. just stopped by to say i hope everything works out for you. on a sidenote, i like the name you chose for the kid. reminds me of dreams.

  5. hey, Lilith! i hope everything will go on as planned and Daniel comes well and sound to this world! my best wishes and blessings for your future life to you, Mage and little Daniel ov course!

    have a nice day and stay cool. everything will be fine!


  6. Hullo.

    Helloo. Tweed from AmericanMcGee.Com here.

    Erph, I’m terrible at this sort of thing, so I’ll just say this; best of luck with everything, and I hope Daniel isn’t too mischievous. 😉

    From me.

  7. Hey Lil-

    I really hope that everything will be okay for you and Daniel.

    He has a great name. 🙂



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