So happy!

New lappy!

I realized that I really had to replace Persey a few months ago. She still worked okay, but the power cord issue was just getting to be a mind-numbing frustration. Sure, I can get it fixed, but when you get down to it, I really just need to get a newer model.

That, and my sister Debbie needs a laptop so that she can work from home, too, on her own machine.

So, meet Erebus. He’s the first boy-computer I think I’ve ever had. He’s sleek and black and has a dingle. He’s a Compaq Presario, which I didn’t think I’d really like, but he had everything that I wanted AND was on sale AND ended up costing less than half of what I was looking at to spend on just about any other comparable machine, which meant I was able to get an HP all-in-one with fax, and still ended up spending close to half of what I was expecting.

This makes me the happy!

I’m going to try an experiment with Erebus. Instead of loading all of the usual suspects – MS Office, the Adobe Creative Suite, etc. etc. – I’m going to try to go all open source. I already have Open Office on here (which I’m kinda diggin’ now), and I’m going to try out a few HTML WYSIWYG programs. I’ve already got GIMP on here (hey, J? Some help here?).

This excites me, makes me happy.

And now, back to work.


  1. Happy New Laptop Day. My Blackbook says hello.
    Meanwhile, I’ve got open office and a bunch of open source (turns out there’s a ton of open source software for us mac types).
    I’m really happy with Open Office, cuz if I need to i can convert any .odt file into any form of file for all sorts of programs, which has been really handy. I can make things into MS Word files without having to pay for word on mac. 😀
    So far, I dig open source.

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