4 comments on “Some days are better than others

  1. See, now, all of this is ammunition to use against him when he becomes a difficult teenager. 🙂

    Seriously, I hope you|re getting better soon, this sucks. Give everyone (including yourself) a big smooch from me.

  2. As unrealistic as it sounds, I just KNOW if I had been there this all would have gone so much better. Maybe not. But I wish I was there now. Not that it would make anything better at present time, but at least I could distract you. So, picture this … your in your room feeling like crap and I can either turn on some very cool rap and show you my awkward yet funny dance routine, or I can stick to the old standard of turning on the chicken dance and doing a few rounds of that for you, clucking included. LoL.
    I love you. I am glad you are feeling better. 😉

  3. I’m sorry it has been so rough! Thankfully, it won’t be long before it can all be relegated to memory status. I’m glad you’re doing better and Daniel is doing well. 🙂

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