10 comments on “Sssh! Don’t tell anyone!

    • How about you just help wrangle kids? At that time, in your condition, there will be no box-toting or lifting of any kind. Rar!

      But it’ll be wonderful to live near you again. <3

  1. wow – what a big step…but if it’s all falling into place and the *Pros* side of the list outweighs the *Cons* then you gotta do what you gotta do. If Joe’s folks have any connections with anyone who is hiring, maybe they could put the word out that Joe is moving back to help with the job search. Good luck with everything!

    • Joe’s mother is a semi-retired elementary school teacher, and Joe’s dad is a retired auto-body shop owner who is still trying to sell his shop. We have other sources, though, and the job market is surprisingly open for his field.

      It’s Momma Lynne and J who are also looking for jobs, and even that’s not a challenge. I get to keep mine, so we’re already a little ahead.

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