Could be, may be, might be, over ther–SQUIRREL!

I could take a few minutes and whine and fuss about my traditional “First Month Shitstorm”. We’ve been here… two weeks now? and the electrical switch downstairs wanted to start a fire, the phone lines were completely dead, and now the bathtub is draining into… my kitchen cabinet.

Seriously, I wish I was kidding. Lili got out of the tub last night and let the water out, and then I heard water running in the kitchen, and there it was, pouring down the back of the cabinet like a frikkin’ waterfall…

But, really, that’s not what I want to talk about.

I feel so inspired right now, on so many levels. Last night, I pushed myself a little harder than usual to get through a treatment paper on Type I Bipolar Disorder. I think I need three or four more people to work with in order to get a solid foundation of raw data on how the therapy works… Sorry, Dad, you’ve already had your turn. 😉

And then I’m looking at my bedroom, and I think I might want to go a little more Japanese in here and get a little low table and some floor pillows, or maybe one of those floor gamer-chairs like shorty_red has… The downstairs is so clean and getting so close to organized, the kids’ room is pretty well organizable (still get to get them some bins, I think, and maybe a bunkbed), but my room… it defies clean. It wants to be something, but this ain’t it…

Lili and Miles are awaiting approval in to the K12 Academy, a homeschooling thing that we actually had in Wyoming but I never set them up…

And I really want to write more. I failed NaNoWriMo again, but moving in November AND trying to write a novel was probably not the wisest idea. I know I can accomplish the task, after all – I wrote “Middle of Nowhere” in four weeks, and that’s 96,000 words – so maybe it’s just an excuse to send them money every year. **shrug** Ah, well…


It’s coming along

Two days ago, I got the floors in. How good are my math skills? We had ONE PLANK left over and covered the entire floor. It is awesomeness.

Today, the kids helped me get all of the screw holes mudded and we got the interior wall taped and bedded. I’m thinking of just finishing this one wall all the way through to the final color before moving everything over and doing the exterior wall. Or maybe I’ll move everything over this evening and finish it out. In any case, it’s going very quickly right now.

I’ll post pictures when I get a chance. I’ve been taking them, but I’m so frikkin’ tired by the end of the day that I just can’t bring myself to be bothered for anything.

In other news, the baby is sick. No normal little flu bug or anything for him, nosirreebob. He kinda does have the mild flu bug that’s going around, but to add to that, he has heavy metal poisoning, probably from the bug bombing that we had to do to get rid of the goddamned roaches. Kira has heavy metal poisoning, too, and she feels like death warmed over. They can be heavy metal buddies.

Next week is the last episode of this season’s Grimm. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. You have to have a gold account to get the past episodes (outside of the first one), but all of the episodes are available for free for the first 24 hours after release. (That’s on Thursdays, by the way.) A gold account only costs $10 a month, and you get to play over 1000 games. Seriously. Totally. It’s fabulous.

Play Grimm. Be one of the cool kids.

A meme, an update, a little

1. Name: Dawn “Lilith70” Ellis-Lopez

2. Age: 34

3. Location: Burns, Wyoming.

4. Occupation: US Community/Content/Marketing Manager for Spicy Horse Games; Teacher (homeschooling and tutoring college algebra); Construction Worker (but only for my own home, thank the gods); Student (with the ND program at HHA); Mom

5. Partner: My awesome husband, Joe

6. Kids: 12-year-old daughter Lili (short for “Lilith”), 10-year-old son Miles; 4-year-old son Joseph; and 9-month-old son Daniel.

7. Brothers/Sisters: I’m the oldest of five kids. Me, Debbie, David, Diana, and Danielle (in that order).

8. Pets: 3 cats (Kashmir, Chandra, and Frye), 1 small horse (Kaylee, the Irish Wolfhound).

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
– Renovating the kitchen, including building my own cabinets.
– Getting Kira through college algebra. Her re-test yesterday went very well.
– Keeping the kids on track for schooling (unschooling as we are)
– Getting reading and projects done for my school (SOOOOOO behind!)
– Staying on top of work stuff with generating more promo materials, answering threads, etc.

10. What did you go to school for?: About six months so far.

11. Parents: My mom Ginger (Nana) lives with me here, and my dad Dave lives in Whitewright, Texas.

12. Who are some of your closest friends? Closest to my heart (but some not close enough in space): Joe, Kira, Kelly, Nana, Lili, Miles, American, Shea… and more, but now it’s time for an update.

If I get a minute to sit down that’s NOT for work, I’ll be putting together an online scrapbook kind of thing so that I can show you the minor hell I’ve been going through. (Don’t let me fool you – stress or not, I love this stuff.)

It’ll be much easier once we get the stove delivered.

Also, for those of you who are not fond of GameTap, American just announced that Grimm is available on TryGames.Com. New episodes will come out 24 hours after they’re released on GameTap.

Feel better now?



Also, our kitchen is imploding, leading to an immediate need to renovate. Water damage in the floors and walls, but at least this also means we’ll be able to spray for the f**king bugs effectively.

Anyone wanna come over and help? I have Guinness. And Celtic Crossing. And if you really want, I’ll buy you a pizza. And a soda.

Down for the count, and then some…

I got SOOOOO sick, had to go to the doctor and everything, and then as soon as I was vaguely healthy again, I had to hit the ground running:

I reorganized the house almost completely:

* The DVDs have their own shelf.
* The piano switched places with the school room shelf.
* The stacking cabinets aren’t stacked anymore and sit in front of the window.
* The table is where the stacking cabinets were.
* The clover table is in the alleged dining room.
* The tubs are all in boxes or the shed.
* The blonde coffee table is on the end of the couch.
* The bakers’ rack in the cubby is now sitting in front of the window in the alleged dining room and holding seedling trays and gardening stuff.
* The cubby now hosts all of the coat racks AND coats (and gloves and hats).
* The cubby also holds the box of not-often-used kitchen stuff.
* Several boxes of stuff were taken to Goodwill.

And that’s just for starters.

Other things going on:

* I get to go see the endocrinologist on Tuesday.

* Lili is going to be in the District Spelling Bee on Wednesday.

* We have to paint Nana’s room before her dresser gets here this week.

And much, much more. The Trinary Healing thing is beating me over the head again, and the case studies are crawling out of the woodwork. And, the time is rapidly drawing near when it will be time to start renovating the kitchen. The only thing keeping me from starting right now is the cold (have to be able to open the house up to get the dust and fumes out).

I thought I was supposed to be taking it easy…