Down for the count, and then some…

I got SOOOOO sick, had to go to the doctor and everything, and then as soon as I was vaguely healthy again, I had to hit the ground running:

I reorganized the house almost completely:

* The DVDs have their own shelf.
* The piano switched places with the school room shelf.
* The stacking cabinets aren’t stacked anymore and sit in front of the window.
* The table is where the stacking cabinets were.
* The clover table is in the alleged dining room.
* The tubs are all in boxes or the shed.
* The blonde coffee table is on the end of the couch.
* The bakers’ rack in the cubby is now sitting in front of the window in the alleged dining room and holding seedling trays and gardening stuff.
* The cubby now hosts all of the coat racks AND coats (and gloves and hats).
* The cubby also holds the box of not-often-used kitchen stuff.
* Several boxes of stuff were taken to Goodwill.

And that’s just for starters.

Other things going on:

* I get to go see the endocrinologist on Tuesday.

* Lili is going to be in the District Spelling Bee on Wednesday.

* We have to paint Nana’s room before her dresser gets here this week.

And much, much more. The Trinary Healing thing is beating me over the head again, and the case studies are crawling out of the woodwork. And, the time is rapidly drawing near when it will be time to start renovating the kitchen. The only thing keeping me from starting right now is the cold (have to be able to open the house up to get the dust and fumes out).

I thought I was supposed to be taking it easy…