The Patreon Promotion

You guys know that I’m doing Patreon now, and I’ve decided to offer some very cool promotional prizes.

For the first ten people who pledge $10 per month, after their third month, they will receive a hand-painted mug themed to the serial “Long As There Are Violets“.  This story is delivered every Friday morning, in 2000-word episodes.

The first five people who sign up for the $25 per month level, after the first three months, will get a matching set of two mugs, themed to the serial being presented there, “Lost Ground”, which is the prologue to the anthology “All the Moons of Petrichor”.  (Really, you have a choice, but spaaaaaaaace.) Those episodes come out on Wednesdays, and they are usually around 2500 words.

I’ll contact you when your third month is up to arrange your delivery.  I’m afraid I can really only afford to send these out to the people in the continental US, so if you are from overseas and want in on these levels, I’ll have to come up with something even cooler for you.

At the same time, if you want to support the cause but not on a strictly monthly basis, you can always drop a couple of bucks in the tip jar.  I will send you something cool.

Thanks so much!  And as always, tell your friends!  Referrals get the coolest stuff of all!