3 comments on “Today’s tally:

  1. Man, it’s crazy what a funk you’d get into, considering that you have accomplished so much in your life.

    I know what you need, you need a cape, and not just any cape, a hand knit cape, filled with love, and wonder, and fantastic warmth!

    That, and everyone can admire your fantastic hand knit cape as you save them from certain disaster. Imagine, you, lifting a car off a trapped motorist, your hand knit cape billowing in the wind, drawing wild adulation of “OOOO”s and “AAAAAAHHHH”s.

    • … Holy crap… now I have to knit myself a cape!

      * hums with visions of a snuggly knitted cape with a flame job on the bottom, or maybe just a bulky-yarn in some kind of awesome color and texture… now I have to go virtual yarn-shopping… mmmmm… *

      You have the best ideas. *SNUG*

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