4 comments on “Verification

    • See? This is why I had to double-check.

      Your email is… maybe your screen name at gmail? Mine is, so please email me so I can put you on the list.


  1. “*Brad”

    Is this me? If it isn’t I wouldn’t mind being one of your readers, in fact I think it would be fun to read some of your stuff. I can’t guarantee that I will be the best editor, but if I notice something I can tell you. =)

    I have one of the things that I’m going to write for you done, I just want jenn’s opinion on it real quick in case I missed anything obvious. I’ll try and send it to you tomorrow. The other one is probably going to take a little more time, and the third I need to figure out still. =p I’m still trying to find a ‘serious’ topic that I would actually be interested in writing about consistently. Anyways, very tired so I think I’m going to go collapse now.

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