We have a date!

Sorry to everyone who placed bets so far. You still have a chance but…

We have a c-section scheduled for Monday, November 5th. We’ll be 34 weeks at that point, and that’s the earliest that we can get away with doing it.

Of course, if things go sideways before then, I’ll have an emergency c-section, Daniel will be CareFlighted down to Denver, and I’ll have to follow a day later.

I never thought I’d be looking forward to being cut open, but I guess in the grand scheme of things, it’s all about perspective.

If you’re in the area, come visit. I’d love some company.

Also, this means that I’ll likely be spending my birthday in the hospital. Ah, well. If it means I get to bring home my gorgeous baby boy, I’ll deal.

I was going to write more, but I forgot what it was. Maybe later…


    1. I dunno… he’s already almost 5 and a half pounds, and only stands to grow more in the next two weeks. Between his awesome Joe genes and the diabetes, he could be “normal” size.

  1. Yay for having a date! At least you know now the longest this all will go on. And less then two weeks away!

    And don’t worry about the c-section. Honestly, I’ve been through labor and c/s and I prefer the c/s. lol Labor just lasted forever and kept getting worse and worse, while with the c/s I knew each day would get a little easier. You’re in good shape so I’m sure you’ll recover in no time. Graeme’s sister-in-law had an emergency c/s three weeks ago and she’s been out walking around town and everything for the last two weeks (being careful of her stitches and not lifting and all of course). It’ll all be okay. 🙂

    Are the kids excited to meet their new brother? Kind of cool that they’ll be able to count down to his arrival.

  2. Monday, the 5th? I’ll still be in month end close so it’ll be a little difficult to get off to be there with you. Oh well, they’ll just have to deal. What time do I need to be there that day?

  3. Yep, the advantage to a c-section is that you won’t be doing the episiotomy shuffle; from experience I can say that the main problems are getting up and down out of bed/chair, but once you’re up then it’s not too bad. Sounds like you’re in good hands and in the perfect place in case something decides to go pear-shaped in a hurry. Hopefully things will go well and none of you will have to make that trip to Denver.

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