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  1. Just throwing out random thoughts for you to consider:

    Have you broken any promises to anyone?
    Have you been too vocal, or too open to emotional matters?(Just considering the Strong throat and heart)
    Have you felt ignored sexually?
    Have you become distant to your “roots” somehow, and forgotten an important element of your past?
    Have you been tempted by infidelity yourself?
    Or have you denied yourself the possibility of any of these things happening?

    • Broken promises? Nope. I don’t make promises in the first place, and those that I make are important enough to keep.

      Too vocal or emotional? I feel I probably haven’t been vocal enough, nor emotional enough. In fact, I’ve felt more emotionally detached.

      Ignored sexually? Heh… that’s just about standard these days… between Joe’s three jobs, nap schedule, and pressing pregnancy, my sexual needs apparently just aren’t that important. And, unfortunately, I get a guilt-trip lobbed at me for even asking, so it has to be on his schedule.

      Distant roots? Past elements? I can’t imagine so. I have made peace with it, and I pay attention to parts that come back up since they step forward for a reason.

      Infidelity in me? Absolutely not. It’s never even crossed my mind. Even in my last marriage (alcoholic, abusive, infedilitous bastard that he was), the question of cheating on my husband only came up after seven years of abuse when my self-esteem and self-image had been so beaten and bruised that literally the only way I could imagine getting it back into a strong enough place to leave was to validate myself in a short-lived but happy affair.

      I can’t deny the possibility of anything by my nature, hence the semi-open post about it. I can’t think of what it might be, therefore I’m asking for ideas of what it could be from someone else’s intuitive point of view.

      The strong Throat and Heart (and Third Eye, I realized after I posted) indicate to me that these are being worked HARD, but possibly to the exclusion of something else… I still don’t know.

      • The chakras strike me as a canal, water needs to flow. But why are the three chakras that have energy sucking it from the others? Perhaps the problem doesn’t lay where the water isn’t. Are these three you are so strong in taking in so much as to focus on something? Perhaps the lack is deliberate, you chose to shut those things down to focus on something else. Stop. Remember how to breathe. You may just be trying too hard.

        • Again, very good points.

          Yes, the energy flow through the chakras is similar to the flow of water, but the theory of energy also includes the principle that it’s possible for any or all of the chakras to be closed, dimimished, etc. There is no “conservation of energy” in this regard, excepting that when we’re that far diminished, we also tend to leave an aura of very frenetic and staticky energy around us.

          Talking to Mom has helped a lot, though. Perhaps the answer *is* that I’m trying too hard, that I’m trying to do it all myself, and the solution is to ask for a little external help…

  2. Even with all the crap that’s been going down in my alleged life, you *know* you can always pick up the phone and call me.
    Hey, you are (and have always been) there for me. I can do no less.
    I don’t always have the answers, but my experiences with you have led me to believe that between us, we can pretty much whip the world, when we set our minds to it.
    Besides, let’s not forget *who* was giving you the “energy” lesson. If it’s Tawnya, then I don’t think she was as fully forthright as she could have been. She’s told me some stuff that wasn’t completely true, so I would take what she says with a grain of salt.
    Please don’t let the words of others get in the way of what you already know. You may not have remembered what you know, but it’s all there (did I just confuse the hell out of you?).

    Always with love

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