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  1. i wish i had the answer for you.

    i honestly think you would be happiest being a naturopathic doctor. the advice you give on MM is so awesome. but i don’t know what the market for that is like in texas.

    i don’t think you would be happy teaching public school. the administration really seems to chew through people. a friend of mine who was a teacher in the Oakland public school system (a tough place for sure) got a survey from the district asking why there was so much turn over in new teachers. it got a good laugh. it seems that school districts ask for a lot but give no support. it blows.

  2. On the nature of being a teacher…

    You’ve heard my tales. It’s been a very bumpy ride, and probably will remain so for a long time to come. There is only a nominal amount of security that comes from being a teacher; tenure, unless you piss off some parent, which everyone inevitably does at some point. I think you’d be in a much better position as a teacher than I ever could be, but what does that really say?

    However, and it is with the greatest reluctance that I say this—not because of you in any fashion, but because of how the profession is right now—I think you would make an excellent teacher.

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