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  1. i want to sell my work because i think that’s what’s expected. if you just write and don’t put it out there for public consumption, then you’re just wasting time and resources. (and by ‘you’, of course, i mean ‘me’) *shrug* thank goodness for POD.

    i think you’d make an awesome doctor, too. but then, i think you’d be amazing no matter what. ‘coz you’re that kind of person.

    • <3

      I think that there’s a drive for writers to sell their work not just to have a discernible income but also to have their work validated. It’s great for 30 friends to say that they loved your novel, but unless that translates into a royalty check, how do you know if it was any good?

      And then there are writers like H.P. Lovecraft who never published any of his own fiction work. He wrote from the need to write, and his fame was nearly exclusively posthumous (unless you were a fan of the magazine he edited).

      Your response made me think of whether or not I’d be trying to sell my work if I didn’t have this other goal of paying for school as a carrot. (Keep in mind that the school I want to enroll in is only $3200 for the whole program, but it’s what I want to do.) I think that in a sense, I’d want to write and sell and publish anyway, but having a carrot like that forces me under the gun. Maybe it’s just a little trick I’m playing on myself to get up off my butt and write something of value, but it at least seems to be working.

      Send me that link as soon as you get Rafekin Drum ready. Lili’s birthday is at the end of June, and you just KNOW that she wants a copy. (Plus, I need to replace the first two. Daniel decided that they were delicious.)

  2. are you still looking for your own voice, or did you already find it?

    if found, do what you love.

    if still looking, claw your way to a clearing.

    At least, that’s how I interpret it, and I’m completely wrong most of the time.

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