2 comments on “A real-life update

  1. Grrr!! NO SINGLE PERSON should EVER HAVE to hold two jobs JUST TO MAKE ENDS MEET.

    I hold the same is actually true of households. There is no good reason (outside of pure greed) for the cost of living to be so high as to require more than one income per household.

    GRRR! ARGH! Best of luck, D!

    • I know… but that’s the reality that we live in. I was going to get on a brief soap-box referring back to my previous post concerning single parenthood, but it just seems redundant now. I’ll simply say that the cost of living has increased to the point where the single-income family with a SAHM has turned into double-income NO ONE stays home family, and when you remove one of the responsible (sic) parties, it just gets crazier. And shittier.

      But, it’s what we’ve got, and far better to plug away at it than to roll over and give up.

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