Dawn Swain (previously Ellis) lives in Texas.  She’s been divorced a couple of times, married more times than than, has had more kids than she has, and is in odd state.

She used to just have a complex life, but now it’s become complicated.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but in the meantime, the essays may get a little weird.  She works doing things from home, and that kind of pants-less lifestyle suits her just fine.

A lot of what you’ll find on here is a wild rambling of various topics.  The most recent reboot (there have been several) involved a possibly-not-so-well-thought-out import from my LiveJournal account.  In the archives, most of the entries are locked, but a few good ones are still available for your perusal.

You can also get any of the books or items referred to in these essays from the Normality Factor Amazon Store.

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