7 comments on “AGAIN?!?!

    • That’s what *I* said! Sometimes I feel like I’m back in that crazy parallel universe where everything I mention, no matter how logical and obvious, must be questioned and discounted.

  1. PS I have been in yahoo messenger at work lately, I’ve learned that it is allowed, or at least not prohibited. So if you’re up in the middle of the night, just check and I’ll probably be lurking… 🙂

    • I don’t know if I can get through the hospital firewall with that in the stand-alone client, but I may be able to in the web client. I’ll try a little later.


  2. how far a long are you now? if you do stay there until he is born, who long does it look like thats going to be? that really sucks, I KNOW WHAT THATS LIKE…but everything will turn out for the best 😉

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