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  1. So here is the thing. When you meet people and get drawn into these sort of relationships. This is the thing that African Americans do that we don’t do. I have found this out from work.
    We can’t edit ourselves.
    We have to just throw it all on the table.
    Like a big puzzle.
    When we edit ourselves. We end up lying by omission.
    I agree with alot of what you are saying.
    You just have to be careful not to edit.
    We all do.

      • Yes I am serious and unfortunately this process of has caused alot of people to get hurt.
        Hurt feelings and hurt emotions and alot of people emotionally wounded.
        Including yourself 4 kids and 2 fathers.
        and Kira and myself and Bobby.
        Everyone ended up getting hurt this time around.
        Cause we were all caught up in the emotional blender.

          • Bobby takes quite a while to actually become talkative after situations like this and we both got so stressed from dealing with this. It could be till Mid May before we actually start talking again. Pretty much crawled into hibernation mode for our own health and safety.

  2. And we never made an assumption as above implied that if we hadn’t heard from you we needed to reach out and touch you so to speak in colloquial terms.
    We figured that you were just to busy to speak with us.
    And yes that did indeed that impression being given to us lead to some hurt feelings.
    Cause we are just use to people coming into our lives and falling off the face….no matter if we have broken bread or not.
    It’s just a pattern that has been established in our lives with some people.

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