4 comments on “Several steps closer

  1. Kudos to you! Must be something in the air today to inspire yard work. I just came in from planting potato vines beside the pump house (I don’t know the official name of the plant, it has big heart-shaped leaves, grows like crazy, and produces these multitudes of potato-looking globes – we brought a bunch of the “potatoes” back from Texas last November). Then I tied a trellis with vine attached back in place, rethreaded rose vines on their trellis, weeded two flowerbeds, and cut back some poplar suckers that were threatening to take over the area where the motorhome is parked. All these are things that have been on my To-Do list so long they were growing moss.

    Your yard will be outstanding when you’re done! A little sun and a big feeling of accomplishment goes a long way…

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