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  1. Hey Dawn,

    Like vaccines and autism, it’s the Mom’s who lead the way for scientists with their observations

    My Business is electromagnetic fields (EMF) and
    has been since 1993 when I move in under powerlines.

    My epileptic roommates seizures jumped up.
    It got me thinking… I had seizures when I was a kid.
    I went to my childhood home and measured the electromagnetic fields. Big time. My seizures disappeared when I moved downstairs.
    No EMF radiation downstairs.

    We had an epileptic dog growing up.
    He always laid down behind my father’s chair.
    I happened to be a Laz-y-Boy recliner so was
    always plugged in and giving off an electric field.

    The chair was (unfortunately) positioned directly
    above the furnace. The alternator on the furnace gave
    off a huge surge of EMF whenever it came on.

    Hardly scientific certainty
    but everything starts with observation.
    Besides, I WAS certain.

    So I went to the Stanford Epilepsy Conference
    put on by Stanford University All the Big Brains were gathered.

    They are -self-proclaimed – best in the world. .

    I, the only lay person amongst the researchers.
    The top guy gets up and he points to his big pie chart …
    ” Epilepsy is an electrical storm in the brain…” points to
    a big grey area and he says ” 75% of epileptic seizures
    are caused by some unknown environmental factor”.

    I put up my hand, “It’s electromagnetic fields”.
    He quickly and rudely chastised me for my ignorance
    and pressed on.

    Next presenter was a woman, the organizer –
    and by reputation – the world’s second biggest brain
    on the subject of epilepsy.

    Same, only different – when she got to the ‘big mystery’
    part of her show I put up my hand, “It’s electromagnetic fields”.

    With a tad more decorum she sympathized with my stupidity.

    Third guy, a young guy hot off the academic presses in Europe (Italy to be exact). He represented the future of epilepsy research… and the other two couldn’t praise him enough.

    Well, twice burned…
    I waited and button-holed him outside in the quadrangle.
    I walked straight up to him and again said, “It’s electromagnetic fields!”
    He replied “That’s brilliant! You know they are using EMF to TREAT epilepsy in Spain”. “Yes I do”, I replied.

    That was 1996.
    You can see how far we have come.

    Good luck with Daniel.
    I’d suggest KNOW electromagnetic fields and how to avoid them and really look into alternative medicine, diet and the like.

    Take Care,

    EMF Guy

    • Personal evidence strongly suggests that vaccines don’t cause autism, but they sure as hell can aggravate them by triggering even more immune responses. But that’s another story.

      Thanks for your insight! I’m glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

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