2 comments on “What’s another word for “awesome”?

  1. Oooooo, a comic! Was it like this:

    Hi, kids! I’m Polly Placenta! And I’m Uncle Umbilical! And if you have a little brother or sister on the way, there’s something you and Mommy should know about umbilical-cord constriction. See, Uncle Umbilical here can sometimes get wrapped very tightly around…

    Or was it more like this:

    Streaking across Metro City at the speed of Light, THE UNTANGLER responds to the cries of a yet-unborn child.

    “You can rest easy, Ma’am, THE UNTANGLER is here to save the day! Now let’s have a look inside that uterus with help from my trusty sidekick, Ultrasound Boy!”

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